Nion Maron


Programming languages

R, Python, SQL, JavaScript, Scala,MQL5







Packages and Frameworks

Rmarkdown, Quarto,Pandas, Caret, H2O, TensorFlow, OpenCV

DevOps Tool

Git, GitHub, Docker, ShinyApp, PostgreSQL, PowerBI, Data Studio


Portuguese: Native
English: Proficient

Nion Maron Dransfeld

Graduated in Civil Engineering and passionate about data analysis and Business Intelligence, I possess a self-taught approach to solving complex challenges. With skills in transforming data into insights for finance, I am adaptable and evolve quickly. My hobbies in chess and poker complement my analytical and strategic abilities. I am committed to applying my experience in data science and machine learning to make a positive and significant impact on various projects. CV in PDF.


Education Blocks
Master’s in Civil Engineering
University of the State of Santa Catarina
Area of study: Machine Learning
2021 - 2024
Postgraduate Structural Engineering
Educational Society University of Santa Catarina
2014 - 2016
Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering
University of the State of Santa Catarina
2007 - 2012


Co-founder and Data Scientist
Cryptos Research
Programming - Data Scraping - Statistical Analysis - Data Visualization
2021 - 2024
Civil Engineer
Joinville City Council
Contract Administration - Building Maintenance - Legislative Process
2014 - 2024
Construction Engineer
Project Management - Thermal Insulation - Cold Storage Chambers
2012 - 2014

Further details of my portfolio and expertise in the field of data science and machine learning are available for consultation on my website:

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